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Thread: Pages Module

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    Pages Module

    Description: With this addon you can easily add new pages to your ezRPG Game from your Administrator Panel.


    Make Pages From Admin Panel
    Edit Pages From Admin Panel
    Delete Pages From Admin Panel
    Including a WYSIWYG Editor
    Can Include HTML Codes
    Can Choose Only To View To Logged-In Players
    Including a SEO Guide, So That You Can Make It SEO Friendly


    Username: demo
    Password: demo

    go to http://ezrpg.webgameaddons.com/admin for admin features

    Suggestions & Feedback:
    Do you got any ideas, suggestions or just some feedback, let me know.
    I will always love to include your ideas in the next version of this addon.

    Updates are free for everyone which bought this addon.
    Currently no updates.

    Currently there is no changelog.


    Send $10 to bennash96@hotmail.co.uk via paypal

    + Instructions included
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    None of the links work.



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