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    Grand Theft Auto Style Game

    Im currently working on a grand theft auto style game done in java script would anyone be interested in a possible purchase when it is complete?
    Working on new project! Its gonna be fun!

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    Do you mean like GTA 2- style or GTA 3+ style?

    GTA 2 is in 2d displayed from top pov. While gta 3 and above is in 3d displayed in 3rd person pov.

    Or are do you mean it's text based with javascript effects.

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    3rd person
    Working on new project! Its gonna be fun!

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    You are trying to do a 3D game like GTA in Javascript? Well I would love to see anything in that direction as I doubt JS is that powerful / fast.
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    i got some of it done ill make sure to send link when done
    Working on new project! Its gonna be fun!

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    It would be a lot of math to make a 3rd dimension, but its definitely possible. Although there probably, most likely would be a lot of lag unless you are using html5 canvas (which 3d games have been made with).

    So what are you using?
    • The HTML Dom?
      • If so did you do the math yourself or did you pick up the 3d math off of another website
    • The HTML5 Canvas?
    • Could you have possibly meant Java and not Javascript
    • Could you have possibly meant to say flash which uses actionscript not javascript?



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