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  • Screen Resolution

    Well, I made this handy little thing for school way back.
    Though I'd share it in case somebody wants to change their screen resolution at school. :P

    It's made with Delphi.

    Edit: Upload limit really should be changed, download link added.

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    Are you not allowed to change your screen res on school computers? That sucks!
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      I know... and on top of that; Try writing Delphi programs(on play teeworlds) on a screen resolution at 800x600. It sucks.
      It's like, you write this form that fills up the whole screen, and when you do the homework at home it's this tiny little blup on the screen. And then... the teacher goes off at you for making the program fullscreen 'cus it actually looks better.


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        So this changes the resolutions on a computer which doesn't allow it, does it let you change them to anything?
        because my computer only allows two different resolutions lol


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          If I remember correctly it's two text boxes, so yea.
          It doesn't revert back though, but it does save the previous screen dimensions.

          Edit: bah, it uses the windows class to set the resolution.
          So only known resolutions I shall think.