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converting mccode to grpg

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  • converting mccode to grpg

    can mccode be converted to grpg

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    If you have enough knowledge (I'm not doubting anyone), you could probably 'convert' it. By me using the word 'convert', I'm not saying A=B=A (Reword a few things, and add a few lines of code here and there) but, re-create it.

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      You can't convert it, but you can copy-paste some codes, and edit them to work


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        does anybody do that or have marriage code for grpg and armory loan/gang weapon loan


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          hi the engines allow developers to create games intended for a large multiplayer audience. MCCode products are designed to reduce development time which gives game owners more time to focus on expanding other areas for their proposed game. These include marketing, graphic designing and development of unique features.
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            Originally posted by zefiux View Post
            You can't convert it, but you can copy-paste some codes, and edit them to work
            Why not?

            It is PHP based connecting to a MySQL database of course it can be converted.

            A lot of mods already have been taken from GRPG and converted to Mc2.
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            I no longer support Mccodes bugs, errors or security flaws either on the forum or by private message due to the lack of support by the mccodes staff for their own engine.

            If your looking for an engine get one thats supported by its staff. EzRPG and EzRPG Rework & NWE are my recommendations.


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              I might do this :P hopefully it works