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  1. [FAQ] Developing locally on your own local PHP/MySQL/Apache server
  2. How to Avoid Complicated PHP Forms and Data Processing
  3. Functions
  4. [FAQ] Crons Guide
  5. heredoc, heredoc what?
  6. [FAQ] sprintf - no, it's not a phone company
  7. [FAQ] How do I pass PHP variables to javascript?
  8. [FAQ] Code Writing Conventions
  9. [FAQ] How do I upload a file to a directory ?
  10. [FAQ] My file upload doesn't work, what's wrong?
  11. [FAQ] How do I upload files to a DB and view them?
  12. A simple, fast database class for PHP 4+ and MySQL
  13. [FAQ] How do I redirect users? (Location Header)
  14. [FAQ] My sessions are failing... what's wrong??
  15. [FAQ] PHP and HTML documents standards compliance
  16. [FAQ] How do I retrieve the remote IP of a user
  17. [FAQ] How to populate HTML elements with PHP
  18. [FAQ] The tools of the trade
  19. [FAQ] How do I access my email with PHP?
  20. [FAQ] Email Validation in PHP
  21. Developing a simple application framework (Part #1)
  22. [FAQ] Adding Social Bookmarks to your site
  23. [Competition Questions] Designing Dynamic Tables
  24. PHP encoding
  25. How many lines of code do you have?
  26. [PHP Snippet]
  27. Debug POST and GET submissions
  28. [FAQ] Quotes, and heredoc
  29. Class? Objects?
  30. [OOP] __construct() ????
  31. [OOP] How to auto load Classes
  32. [OOP] How to define a class. PART 1
  33. [OOP] How to define a class. PART 2
  34. [FAQ] Scaling an image
  35. Account System without MySQL
  36. Basic/Moderate PHP
  37. Random money amounts (big numbers)
  38. [PHP SNIPPET] Allow's you to download a file from your server.
  39. shell_exec and windows
  40. How to sort a multidimensional array.
  41. [FAQ] Arrays Examples
  42. Improve security against brute force SSH attacks
  43. Monitor your server from PHP
  44. [FAQ] Before posting An Error
  45. How to get rid of excess line breaks
  46. [FREE SCRIPT] Logger and script execution timer class
  47. Checking if an IP is (maybe) a proxy
  48. Database class for PHP 5+ and MySQL (Help)
  49. How to use JSON for configuration settings
  50. Detect browser language & change page accordingly
  51. A simple BB code support as well as filtering the HTML
  52. Timestamps - Tutorial
  53. How to create a class using PHP
  54. avgval function
  55. PHP Error Handler Class
  56. PHP: Quick and Easy Timezone class
  57. PHP: Percentage Mistakes and the fix..
  58. PHP: Circle Functions
  59. PHP: Divide with remainders
  60. ... Limit String Length
  61. [Function] Currency_Format
  62. How to change your DB from md5 to sha1
  63. PHP 5 MySql class system.
  64. [Function] PHP Phrase Highlighter
  65. [Function] GD Stat (HP, MP, XP) Bar Generator
  66. PHP - Open & Close Pages
  67. Basic Login System
  68. Error Checking, Storing and Showing
  69. In-depth Guide/Tutorial For PHP (Part One)
  70. Small projects to start with
  71. Learning php
  72. Tutorials
  73. Arrays 101 - Lead by examples
  74. Whats the best place to learn for me
  75. Php books
  76. The Basics of PHP
  77. PHP - Just Getting Started
  78. PHP Tutorial [Beginners]
  79. Securing $_GET & $_POST
  80. User Registration with PHP, PDO and MySQL.
  81. How to PDO in One, Two, Three!